Positive Thinking, Willpower and Determination Helps One to Attain Goals

Positive Thinking and Willpower Title

Positive Thinking, Willpower, and Determination Helps One to Attain Goals

Can you attain your goals with Willpower alone?

Willpower is, indeed, a great force in the world. The tenacity of purpose is in most cases a guarantee of ultimate success. On the contrary, a man who wavers at the first sign of difficulty, feels his confidence running out at the initial setbacks and loses enthusiasm at the first sign of failure can never achieve his goal. He is utterly lacking in the essential condition of success – willpower. Some tasks are seemingly impossible but can be accomplished with determination and hard work. One should not, therefore, lose courage in the face of difficulties.

Willpower can bring lasting results!

The efficacy of willpower can be demonstrated by numerous examples from the lives of common people. A person of the weak constitution who is constantly plagued with one or other ailment can bring about the vast improvement in the health merely by a pertinacious observance of certain rules. It may not bear instant results, but will certainly bring about dynamic change in the level of fitness.

Self-Examination is the Beginning of Willpower!

Similarly, a student can win distinction in the examination, if he sets his heart on it and applies himself with sincere determination. The reason why so many students fail in their examinations is not that the students lack the will to pass. They are indifferent to their failure or success, as they have no definite purpose in life.

Make Up Your Mind!

No impediments can stand in the way of a person who makes up his mind to attain his objective. There is a countless number of examples of people, who in spite of being physically handicapped, have achieved targets, which would appear impossible even to normal people. Such people do not allow themselves to be overwhelmed by the heaviest odds. Instead, they work systemically to minimize natural deficiencies to achieve their goals. They simply dare to defy their destiny by their hope, courage, enterprise, and dedication.

Positivity is Important!

Any man who pursues his ideals with determination is likely to meet with success. There are countless pupils, whose lives are a classic instance of the triumph of will. They have also known despair, failure, and defeat, but what puts them apart from others is that they do not succumb to these setbacks. They continue to work for the achievement of their goals.

You can do it!

A man with an iron willpower and a positive approach to life can certainly pave a way for himself in spite of obstacles and hardships confronting him at every step. The secret of success in life is to carry on steadfastly with eyes fixed on the goals! Everyone has within himself the capacity to work hard! We have the tendency to cultivate a strong willpower and optimistic approach, an invaluable asset to succeed in life.

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Changing Focus and How It Can Revolutionize Our Life and Thinking

Changing Your Focus Graphic

Changing the Focus of our Thoughts can Revolutionize Our Lives

By Kenneth Green

How Changing Focus has Blessed Me!

It is interesting to me when I take time to figure out what I’m thinking about in life. When I reflect on the way that my mind can be distracted, it amazes me when people have a complete mastery of their minds. I respect the Buddhist monks who can meditate in a zen-like state. I am new to this meditation thing trying to incorporate it into my morning routine. And sitting there even doing a guided meditation with my VR goggles on  I still find my mind wandering.

This has caused me to ask myself how much time do I spend wasted on thoughts that do nothing for me. When I reflect on the stupid things that catch my attention like Facebook or games, etc. i see a ton of time wasted. I’m not against those types of activities but what I want to advocate is a proper use of our age when we are to be productive. You can spend much of your time on the frivolous things and miss a lot of your life. I know that many Christians don’t talk about meditation because they feel that is something that belongs to eastern religions.

Changing Your Focus Pinterest GraphicPracticing Meditation

Christianity has practiced meditation in the ancient church. I don’t know where the modern church got the notion that we should not meditate. Personally, i find it to be a great resource for me. Mindfulness and being present has helped me shape my perception and think in better ways. I am so grateful for this, but I’m off on a tangent time to reel it back in. So what do you think about on a daily basis? Some people think the “Secret” is new age philosophy. But it’s even there in the bible.

What we say and think matters!

Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

What you talk about or more whatever it is that consumes your thoughts are the power of life and death. By changing your focus, you can begin to live in an abundance of life that God has designed for us all. So how do we do this? I think the first trick is to make positive thinking a habit. They say that you can learn any skill if you put 10,000 hours into it. That’s a lot of hours. I like what is also said that if you do the same thing over and over for nineteen days, it becomes a habit. That seems much more obtainable.

Starting a Daily Routine of Changing Focus

So here’s what I’m doing and I think it can help you. Start each day with a morning routine. Do this for nineteen days straight to develop the habit and discipline it takes to do it. The method I’m using is from The Latter Day Morning which is a good book. But feel free to come up with your own! It starts off by me thanking God and being grateful for what I have at that moment. The more grateful a person is, the more open to more blessings that person is.

The next part of my morning routine is to do meditation. There’s that ugly word again i know. But when I start with meditation it seems that I am more at peace. After that, i commit to writing at least 1000 words a day of content. Whether that’s a chapter for my book or my blogs. And lastly, i journal. Just a few lines about the day before. I hope that as you practice this over nineteen days, you will be able to get your morning started off right and changing your focus will make you more productive.

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Autumn a Time for Reaping Love Part Two – Your Needs!

Finding Your Needs - Romance Title Graphic

Autumn a Time for Reaping Love Part Two

By Timothy Olsen

Be Honest About What Your Needs Are

What are your needs? When you go to a restaurant, you order from the menu based off of what sounds appetizing; you don’t say “Surprise me.”  When you buy clothing, you have an idea of what size fits you and what colors might look good.  Why, then, do you not share your concerns with your partner?  Is it fear of rejection?  Fear of an argument?  These are valid concerns, but know that if you don’t ask, you will find it difficult to have.  The idea here, of course, isn’t to place demands on your spouse.  Rather, it is to be clear about what you need in the relationship, and a hope that your partner can do the same.  Only by walking together can you arrive at the same destination, after all.

Yes It’s About You, But Don’t Take it PersonallyFinding Needs in Autumn Pinterest Graphic

When repairing a relationship, there will inevitably be some discussion about your partner’s wants, needs, and concerns.  It can be effortless to take these statements not as requests for what one needs in a relationship, but as personal attacks.  Commit not to do this.  Trust that, no matter how poorly worded or angrily seeded, the statements being shared are coming from a place of honesty and not a place of malice.

You are not Mormon the Mindreader!

After all, you can’t read your partner’s mind, which means they need to be able to share these concerns with you.  Isn’t it better to know about a leaking faucet, so you can fix it, instead of ignoring it and then being surprised when there’s lots of water damage underneath it later?  Discussing a relationship is a lot like that.  Sure, it takes a bit of focus, elbow grease, and you’ll probably get frustrated at some point.  The result, of course, is getting closer to the relationship you both need.

Don’t Be Afraid to Not Argue…

Rome wasn’t built in a day, the saying goes, and if your relationship needs repair, it’s not going to happen overnight.  A plan may need to be put into place, or an agreement into some sort of change might need to come to fruition.  This may mean being willing to walk away from the argument, or at least understanding that there are concerns while also understanding that the groundwork isn’t firm enough for the change that is being requested or needed.

… But Don’t Put it Off Either.

Just because you’re looking for solutions and not an argument doesn’t mean you can just push off your partner’s concerns.  After all, you want to strengthen the relationship and repair it.  You wouldn’t ignore a broken bone, or an open wound, would you?  An issue in a relationship is in many ways the way thing.  Yes, it will sting, but it’s better to address it and move forward than it is to let it sit and idle.

Don’t Forget to Make Your Relationship a Priority.

The thing about relationships is that, by their nature, it can be easy to become used to it.  You start thinking you don’t need to put effort into the relationship because you have it.  But you maintain your lawn, your car, and your faith; why wouldn’t you maintain your relationship?  Be sure to make time to connect with your partner, to understand them, and to forge a physical, mental, and spiritual connection with them.

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Web MD Article on Understanding Your Needs!

Get Anything You Want By Changing Your Thinking!

Get Anything You Want By Changing Your Thinking Graphic

Get Anything You Want By Changing Your Thinking!


Money is hard to get for most people. Money can be easy to get for other people. Why is that?

Growing up we aren’t taught the proper way of thinking about money. High school doesn’t teach us anything useful about it. College doesn’t teach any real-world knowledge either. And our parents don’t teach us how to think properly about it because they’ve never been exposed to the laws of attraction that govern the accumulation of money.

Wealthy people know how to THINK about money in the correct way. They learn the proper way of thinking about it to attract it to them. The have discovered the natural laws of attraction that affect how much money enters into their lives. And anyone can learn how to put these laws of attraction to use to increase the amount of money they accumulate.

You may laugh this concept off and say it’s b.s., but believe me, wealthy people know the power of these truths. A wealthy person who knows how to think the proper way to attract money can lose every dime they have and by applying these natural laws they can become wealthy again in a short period of time. It happens all the time.


By changing your way of thinking…

Let’s take a closer look at the natural laws of attraction concerning money. These laws can be used for finances, relationships, health, and any other area of your life. If you continously think about how little money you have, how hard it is to pay the bills, and how difficult it is to earn more money guess what will happen? You will continue to have only a little money, continue to struggle to pay the bills, and continue to earn what you now earn.

Why is this? Because the natural laws of attraction promise us we get what we think about. If you always focus your thinking on your lack of money you will always have that lack. If you always think about struggling to pay the bills you will always struggle. You get what you think about and this is a truth you cannot escape.

How can you change your thinking about money and put these powerful natural laws of attraction to use? It’s a simple process, but it’s not easy. It takes a concentrated effort throughout the entire day on your part to consciously realize how you’ve always thought about money and then make the effort necessary to begin to think differently.


The first step in learning to use the laws of attraction is to be GRATEFUL for what you now have in your life. If you have food, shelter, and clothing you have the basis to change your life by changing your thinking. If you have a decent job, a comfortable place to live, good running vehicle, good family, and some creature comforts you need to take a deep, hard look at these things. You need to write down everything good in your life and realize you could have a lot less than you now have.

You need to be very grateful for these things you possess. Most people aren’t grateful for what they already have because they are always thinking about what they don’t have. To be grateful for what you now have imagine that you lost everything TOMORROW! You must start over without anything you now possess. You have no job, no home, and no vehicle. Believe me, it happens. Does this thought help move you to be thankful and grateful for what you now have? It should.

It doesn’t matter if you earn $15,000, $25,000, or $75,000+ per year. Once you are grateful for what you have your thinking begins to “shift” from your previous way of thinking. You realize how fortunate you are compared to other people. You begin to have an “awareness” of your thinking, and your life, you did not have previously. This awareness opens you up to the next step in the law of attraction.

Get Money by Changing Your Thinking GraphicEXPECTING MORE MONEY IN YOUR LIFE.

The next step in putting the natural laws of attraction to use for you involves “expectation.” It’s now time to concentrate your thinking on expecting more good things and more money to come into your life. You now consciously “shift” your thinking away from what you don’t have and concentrate on what you want. You concentrate on being grateful for all the good things that are on their way to you. Even though they may not be here yet you know in your mind they are coming to you. When you constantly are thinking and focusing on more money coming to you guess what happens? More good things, opportunities, and money begin to show up in your life.

You are no longer focusing all your thoughts on what you don’t have and what a struggle your life is. You get what you think about. You’re now focusing on the good things in your life and you’re open to receive the abundance that is on its way to you. You have “shifted” your thinking from the bad to the good and this is very powerful. This opens you up to the laws of attraction and they begin to work in your life.

Gratitude in Thinking Graphic
Gratitude is the Key!


What you have just read is very powerful information. You may never have been exposed to this way of thinking. Don’t feel bad, because most people have never been taught to think this way. We’ve all heard of thinking positively, but learning about the laws of attraction are much deeper and more powerful than positive thinking. If you can “see” the truth in this way of thinking and can “shift” your daily thoughts to focus on the good things you now have and expect more to come to you then you must take time to learn more about this new way of thinking.

There are many books and websites that will help you to grow. You need to read and learn. This short article cannot provide you will all you need to make these changes. It’s difficult to think this way throughout your day, but the more you do it the easier it gets. You will eventually think this way all the time and at that point your life is changing drastically.

We concentrated on attracting money into our lives in this article but this way of thinking will work in all areas of your life. It has totally changed my life in 2 short years. My financial situation, my family life, and my health have all improved. I went from always thinking about what I didn’t have in my life to being grateful for what I do have and all that keeps coming to me. My daily attitude is different and my life will never be the same.

And this beautiful way of thinking is available to you anytime you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of your present life. Read and learn more and begin changing your life now…

Author Bio
Doug Allan Dammeier lives in the mountains in western Washington state, USA, and operates http://www.online-moneymaking-bootcamp.com and other websites from his home. He offers honest, truthful information for people who would like to begin an internet moneymaking business.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleGeek.com – Free Website Content

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Autumn: A Time For Reaping Love!

Its Cuddle Season Autumn Title Graphic

Autumn: A Time for Reaping Love

By Timothy Olsen

Edited by Kenneth Green

Autumn Is Coming Yall!

It’s hard to believe that Autumn is just a little over a month away, but it is.  This year, Fall will start on September 22nd, although for many of us we’ll start to feel the cool weather a little sooner.  Soon, the leaves on the trees will start to change color, the days will get a little bit shorter, and we’ll want to spend time closer to our loved ones if just to stay a bit warmer.

Why does the time of Harvest inspire Love?

It's Autumn The Season of Love Graphic
It’s Autumn The Season of Love!

Some may feel that fall is a time of Harvest, and rightly so, but I’d like to take a moment to suggest we look at it as a time we can sow the fruits of love and respect with those we either intend to spend the rest of our lives with, or have already pledged to do so.  A lot of people feel that a relationship is a natural thing that blossoms eternally, but I’ve learned that if you don’t put in the work, you might come to a point where the leaves naturally fall off, and all that is left is a barren tree.  Even with this, though, a little sunlight and water coupled with some patients can turn things around again.

I’ll be doing two posts on this topic thanks to the blessing of my dear friend Kenneth Green.  This first part will be about ensuring you are making time with your loved ones, and ways to grow in that time.  The second part will be about bolstering the foundation so that the relationship can continue to grow in time.

It’s Cuddle Season, So Bring Your Blanket!
(“If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then Autumn would be the magic hour.” -Victoria Erickson”

Some of us are so busy that we let our loved ones fall to the wayside.  We put them off, barely making time for a quick hug or a kiss.  Maybe we sent a few texts, but don’t make real quality time together.  Decide to change that.  Make your intentions clear, and then make them a priority.  Tell your spouse “I intend to spend more time with you” and then actually do it.  There are some partners who may find this more bold and jarring that they’d like, but the result is a pledge to make time together, as opposed to just a wish that you could.  The two of you could do something passive together, like watching a show on Netflix, or something more active, like sharing your favorite drink together as you unwind and catch up.

Make a Place That’s Comfortable!
(“And the sun took a step back, the leaves lulled themselves to sleep, and Autumn was awakened.” -Raquel Franco.”

Couple in Autumn Picture
Make Your Home Comfortable

You should have an idea of where you and your partner can spend some time together.  For some, this may be somewhere like a living room couch, or a bedroom.  For others, this may be a favorite bench at a park, or even in a car together.  There doesn’t have to be just one spot, either.  However, knowing where you can cuddle is an important part of the plan.  Apparently, some thought must be put into this beforehand.  For some, cuddling in the bedroom may encourage a partner to fall asleep, and that might not be beneficial.  For others, spending time together in the kitchen may prove uncomfortable, or have distractions that can’t be easily mitigated.  If you’re unsure, this might be something you can talk to your partner about.

This is an often overlooked part of spending time with your partner but think of your love and connection with your partner as a crop you’d wish to plant seeds to grow.  You would need a place to plant those seeds, right? Saying “I’m going to plant these seeds” and then doing so, however, may be fun and spontaneous, but the idea here is that sustained time with your partner helps repair the connection that erodes away from the day-to-day.

Keep It About The Two of You
(“Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile.” -William Cullen Bryant)

Be close to each other.  Talk to each other.  You don’t have to keep it light, although you should remember that the point of these sessions is to get closer to each other, and not to solve problems the two of you may be facing.  It also doesn’t have to be about physical intimacy.  In fact, for many couples, it may make sense for them to practice being close together without it being treated as foreplay.  Make love with your words, with your closeness, with your hearts.  Take a moment to appreciate each other.  I know this may be difficult for some couples, who are more active and wish to do things together and grow in those things… But I still think it’s important, at least on some level, to make sure that the closeness of each other is the “thing” that can be grown in.

Above all else, take a moment to eliminate most of the distractions of the real world, and focus on the world the two of you build together every day with your words and actions.  Commit to be together, as opposed to figuratively literally.  From there, the two of you can learn and communicate what else you might need to grow as a couple, and the best way to move forward from there!

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Fear and It’s Destructive Effects Part 2

Overcoming Fear Destructive Part 2 Graphic

Fear and It’s Destructive Effects Part 2

Never Let Fear Conquer You

Let’s talk about the destructive affects of fear in this part two article! This week has been pretty rough on my family and me. I found out that I was being extended a “release” from a position of responsibility in the church. This is a natural thing, in our church, you usually don’t have people who serve as leaders for decades on end. Unless you are in one of the most crucial roles of the church. Even our Bishops are extended releases after a period. And when I heard this news fear gripped me. Fearful that I was being released for wrong doings of a few months back it had an adverse effect on me for sure.

Learn From What I Say, Don’t Do what I do!

This is something you hear a lot growing up in the African American home. But I say this to you with all of the love that I have within me. As a human I let that fear conquer me today. Instead of being productive I stayed sleep for most of the day depressed and wallowing in that fear. I wasted a whole day! I’m glad I did not stay lying down, but I could have.

How can we overcome our fears?

Girl Fear Photo

When I started this series, I did not want to focus on my fears. But when I began to think about how we deal with fears I had to evaluate my concerns themselves. So I’ve illustrated in my last post the adverse effects that fear has on us. Now I want to talk about how we can overcome them. Because what good is it to focus on the negative things? So I think the first thing that we have to look at is what causes our fears? I believe in God, and I think a lot of it stems from a lack of faith in God. If we have faith in God, we can trust that what happens to us is going on for us.

Overcoming Fear Helps Us to Become Strong. The Stronger we come, the more easily courage comes.

Courage is a rehearsed emotion. Many of the trials that come in our lives are to help us learn lessons from them. As we overcome individual trials and hurdles, we increase in our belief that we can overcome anything. And if you trust in God as I do, you know that as long as you have God with you, you can overcome anything. So the first part of overcoming fear to me is knowing you are human and that fear is a reasonable reaction to certain issues sometimes. When you’re able to sense yourself becoming afraid you can begin to be analytical of your feelings and your ability to start to be courageous which is the opposite of fear.

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Step One in Overcoming Destructive Fear is Knowing When you have fear!

Step one is knowing that you’re afraid. I know that sounds very simple, but it’s more complicated than you can believe. Today in Sunday School I taught on honesty and mostly what was said was that being honest with ourselves is probably one of the hardest things to do. We like to lie to ourselves because we don’t want to believe in bad things about ourselves. But in my last lesson I talked about the by products of fear, use that as a list to tell when fear is around.

Step Two in Overcoming Destructive Fear – Recognize That Fear Is Rooted Deep in Us!

A different website talked about that fear can be rooted in traumatic events and childhood. I agree with this assessment because a lot of times we don’t have current stimuli for fear but are regressing through events of the past. I’m also one to think therapy with a therapist can do amazing wonders in this regard. I can be sincere in stating that I have a therapist! Part of me is so sincerely grateful for her help in my emotional well-being.

I am also taking classes in Christian Counseling because I want to start a practice coaching and helping others! But we need to recognize whether we are fearful because of our immediate surroundings (i.e. being afraid in a tornado or a robbery situation) versus past events that can be triggered by current events which are unrelated (i.e. rape in the past causing you to have a fear of being around men, etc.i)

Step Three In HowIDeal With Fear is Trust in God.

Overcoming Fear From Prayer

This is where i verge off the common path that most therapists or blogs have. I believe that when we come to God and we grow in our relationship with him our fears all go away. I believe in what the Bible says on the subject.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” – 1 John 4:18

It is stated in the bible that God is Love. If he is love, then we we believe in him we know that all things work for our good (Romans 8:28). When we have faith in him we know that every event in our life is orchastrated by him and if we trust and have faith in him we know that these things too shall pass. This year has been very tough for me, all of you who have read my blog know this. But i have learned so much about God and his love for us this year that while i wish i did not have to pass through this, i’ve learned that i’ve grown through this.

In the next part of our series we will continue to delve into ways we can overcome fear in our lives! I hope you have a blessed week!

Fear and the Destructive Things it Can Do To Your Body

The Effects of Fear Title

Fear and the Destructive Things It Can Do To Your Body Pt.1

Everyone deals with fear…

What is fear? The Dictionary defines fear as an” unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat:”  Fear is something that we each have to face in our lives. Oh how perfect life and the world would be if we did not have to face fear, but this is an emotion that happens to us all.

The Goal of this Blog Series

I want to illustrate in this blog series the damaging effects that Fear can ravage on our bodies. The problem with fear as shown by the statistics below is that many of us fear things that will never happen. So why are we experiencing this negative emotion that is not based on reality but on a possibility of what “could” happen?

Percent of things feared that will never take place 60 %
Percent of things feared that happened in the past and can’t be changed 30 %
Percent of things feared that are considered to be insignificant issues 90 %
Percent of things feared in relation to health that will not happen 88 %
Number of Americans who have a diagnosed phobia 6.3 Million

Why is fear bad for us?

So now that we have begun to illustrate what fear is, now let’s get to the heart of the matter and talk about why it’s not good to experience this. I believe that this is one emotion that God does not want us to have. Think about it, are we trusting God if were fearing something?

My goal in writing this series is first to illustrate why it is bad to play into your fears. Then on my next post in this series, i will demonstrate some techniques to help overcome your fears. Fear causes a plethora of health issues. There are some health issues I’ve discovered in my research for this article that I did not even know plagued us.

Fear affects a molecular level!

First fear causes our DNA to become unbundled. I did not even know that fear affected us on a DNA level. When our DNA becomes unbundled, several dangerous things can happen. It makes it harder for our bodies to produce proteins, new cells, chemicals, and hormones. I had no clue that it even affected us on this level.

Fear Causes Men’s Hearts to Fail Them

I believe that fear has a big part to play in some people having heart attacks and strokes. Anxiety which is a natural by product of fear has a laundry list of adverse health effects, some of them are as follows.

Ten Effects of Anxiety or Fear

Ten Physical Effects of Fear Graphic

  1. Raised Blood Pressure
  2. Difficulty Swallowing
  3. Dry Mouth
  4. Dizziness
  5. Fatigue
  6. Head Aches
  7. Irritability
  8. Inability to Concentrate
  9. Nausea
  10. Rapid Breathing and More!


Fear has a laundry list of sorts when it comes to bad things that it can cause in the body. The list from anxiety above is rather small as the list does continue more and more.

Can someone escape fear completely?

Some Buddhist monks will probably disagree with me, but I don’t believe we can. I think that as we learn more to trust in God and less on a worry that we can live fear free lives. However, i do not believe that one can completely get rid of fear. So how can we begin to live without fear? That’s a real question. It’s one that I want to delve deeper into in my next blog post, but there is one suggestion I’ll get started with.

Trust In God Can Alleviate Fear

I believe that Love casteth out all fear. (1 John 4:18). As I thought about the verse, i just referenced I wanted to go deeper in my study of that verse. I believe that perfect love casteth out all fear because perfect love is GOD! God casteth out the fear. When we know that we have no one to fear but God (having Godly Fear IS a GOOD THING), I think that we can live lives devoid of fear, anxiety, and worry. When we trust in God, we know he has our best interests at heart ALWAYS and no matter how a situation looks like we know that God is still on the throne, and he still reigns with providence in our lives. I want to leave you with another scripture that seems to help me make it through.

Some Scriptures for the Road!

2nd Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

May we trust in the God of the universe who has nothing but a good future in mind for us, In Jeremiah, it states that

Jeremiah 29:11 – “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

Know that no matter how the situation looks now, God has a future for you. God has thoughts of Peace and not of evil towards you. Oh, how he loves us! I’m so grateful for his love that he showers us with. If we trust in him, we can trust in that future; we can believe that he is the captain of our souls and knows what he is doing! I can’t wait to see you in my next blog post, and I hope this has given you some useful information!

Effects of Anxiety From Web MD

Our Last Motivational Monday Article!

Standing Up for the Little Guy – Motivational Monday Series

How To Stand Up For the Little Guy Graphic

Standing Up for the Little Guy – Motivational Monday Series

A Tale from my past! I Was the Little Guy!

Never be afraid to stand up for the little guy! I remember when I was younger and I was of very short stature. Life was very tough for me because I did not have the finest clothes. My great aunt did the best that she could but being Gary Coleman short with big attitude caused loads of fights. I remember my junior year of school and the first day the foot ball players were coming to punk me. My big cousin’s Fred and Nathan were there, and I distinctly thought of the Warren G song Regulators when they commenced to beating the football players. Then all three of us wound up in the office, and my uncle Scott was summoned. We were so scared that we would be in trouble, but he was proud of us because we all stood together. I think it’s memories like that in me that has birthed the activist.

What kind of MotivationMondayy topic is this?

What a weird topic for Motivation Monday I know. But I want to motivate you to stand up for the little guy as well. So many times in life people are made little by more than just stature. In my apartment complex, we have a lot of people who are not as mentally acute as they should be. There are people here who have an ignorance of the law. They don’t know their rights they have as protected citizens. I hate when people assume that folks should know things because of their age.

I’m the Activist for the Little Guy today!

In my apartment complex, we have someone here that is abusing other residents. This has caused the rebel in me to rise. I hate when someone picks on developmentally disabled or emotionally troubled people. This person not only messed with those types of people but specifically he messed with my mom and wife. Now the ghetto in me wants to stomp this dude out. But the Christian in me wants to handle this via the rules and regulations of the hud housing.

Standing up for people 101

So how do you stand up for the weak? You have to know what they want. Speaking to people, you can begin to understand how to fight for people. We can make the same mistakes that the aggressors make by fighting for the weak without understanding what they need. Have you considered that they may not want you fighting for them? We must be careful that we do not make the same mistakes that other people make when it comes to standing up for the little guy. I know if someone just jumped into one of my fights as a high schooler I may have ended up clocking them just for not minding their business. But when my cousins did it they asked me what happened and how we wanted to handle it. See the difference?

Combat the self-centeredness attitude!

Greediness and self-centered ness is a plague amongst our generation. There are so many things out there that say “Mind your Business…” or the classic “Stop Snitching..” I laugh when I think of these things. Satan want’s us isolated because we become easier targets that way. When we look at me me me, we miss the whole purpose of life. So the first thing I want you to understand in standing up for the little guy is that it puts you directly in the line of fire. You can get hurt doing this. But then I think of what Jesus would do, and he put it on the line for others often.

Don’t alway’s expect thanks or gratitude!

The second thing I want you to understand is that it’s a thankless job. If someone has stood up for you in the past let them know how much it meant to you. But when you go into standing up for the little guy sometimes they don’t appreciate you. If I could think of my eight years of service as Resident Council President here at the Tower I can count on both hands the thank you’s I get. I even DJ’d the parties that we would have, and I would get more complaints than thanks. So don’t get into this for the accolades you will be let down for sure!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, I want to challenge you to look for the little guy in the world around you. There are so many opportunities to help others and make people’s lives productive. Approach them and be genuine with them. Allow them to communicate to you. One of the biggest problems that the “little guy” faces is the simple fact that no one listens to them. Don’t make that mistake; please don’t! Last but not least know your strength. You are not Superman. If you are not a tenth dan in Tae Kwon Do, don’t act like it. If you are not a legal expert, don’t offer legal advice. Knowing your strengths is half of the battle. And believe me, you may think that you are not talented, but each person has talents that God has given them that can be used for others.

Ideas for Causes to think about!

Some Causes that I would love to highlight for you are as follows.

  • Causes involving Immigrants (both Legal and Illegal) they are often targets of victimization. What happened to this being the land of the free?
  • Causes involving orphans. Being an orphan SUCKS! I know because while I have my mom, she does not know how to be my mom. When I lost my great aunt, I became alone in this world. There are times I wish folks stood up for me.
  • Causes involving developmentally disabled adults.

Gratitude for True Friends in a Time of Need – Friday Blog Post

Gratitude for Friends in Times of Need Graphic

Gratitude for True Friends in a Time of Need!

Trials keep coming!

I’m grateful for friends in our times of need! Yesterday was a very trying day for my wife and me. A dog bit my wife, and it looked pretty dangerous. I love marriage but hate those moments when you hear that someone you love has been hurt. I was upstairs in my apartment, and my mind was on preparing dinner. When I got the worst phone call, a husband could ever get. Your wife on the other line crying stating a pit bull dog just attacked her.

I’m not here to breed bad feelings for pit bulls. I think they can be an excellent breed; I believe that far too many owners own them for the wrong reasons. They own them for bravado, or they own them because they are fighting dogs. When a dog is trained to combat it does what it’s trained to do especially if it’s naturally aggressive.

Running For My Wife

I am sitting on two bad feet still that don’t balance right and don’t have proper strength. But when I got that call I found myself running down to the elevator and downstairs. I had 911 emergency on the one hand and calling friends in church on the contrary. I arrived downstairs and saw a very bloody Rachel. Sadness gripped me as I thought of what she was going through. I felt a range of emotions all at once. Sadness, Anger, a desire for revenge, and much more.

Awesome Friends

So my home teacher got ahold of me super quick when he found out what was going on. A brother in my ward, Joseph Glass was a super man dynamo. He called people like crazy and even biked over himself to the hospital. When I think of Christ like service I think of him and my home teacher. Surprisingly enough my home teachers wife is my wife’s visiting teacher, so they both came.

We had a great time cracking jokes and laughing with Rachel. We were able to be with her through it all. And the spirit was dominant in the room as we gave her a priesthood blessing. It was solemn, it was deep, and it was full of the spirit.

Christ Like Love

This experience makes me think who I can be of service to today? Who can I help? Is there someone who needs my charity? God is amazing, and I love God so very much. I wish folks in the church would get this right. And I’m not talking about my religion per-say but the church as a whole, anyone who identifies themselves as a Christian. We love to wear the title sure, but do we honor it? Do we serve others with compassion, without expectancy of reward? My home teacher isn’t even named in this article because I know I would rob him of his blessings by doing so.

Who Can you love today?

A relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ is not a one time get dunked and get the holy ghost and you were done. It is a relationship, and it’s predicated on modeling them. As you begin to do the things that the Savior does, you will find others in need and help them. I like what he says in Matthew 25:35

“For I was an hungred, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me in” – Matthew 25:35 (KJV)

True discipleship is not reflected by how many souls you bring into the kingdom. It’s not predicated on a significant number of things you’re known for. If God is love and was trying to be more like him, then that means we must become love as well.

Who is in need today?

I challenge you to look at the world around you. There are so many negative things happening in our world. So many people are hurting and in need of help. Sitting here waiting for my doctor appointment I wonder how I can help others. I look at so many people who may need a friendly word. Someone who may need a smile. Your actions don’t have to be loud and pronounced. They can be simple and not receiving glory.

In Conclusion

I am grateful yes thankful for the trials of the past year. Trust me I know making that statement may challenge Satan to try us harder.  Hopefully not as I could use a break, but one thing I know is that no matter what we face or come against as long as we have Christ he will meet our needs. God has stated in Philippians 4

 19 But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 

Having Christ means that I will be victorious. Why will I be victorious? Because the praise and glory will go to him. And when he is victorious and gets the glory he makes sure that we are taken care of. Even though in Corinthians 2 we if we are like Paul are likened to slaves in Christ’s triumphant procession. But the Lord is so sweet and tender to us as he calls us his friends. Oh, how I love the Lord! Even though we are nothing and could be counted as slaves, he counts us as friends! God bless you and keep you my friends is my prayer! If I can be of service to you please let me know!

My Last Motivational Monday Blog Post!

Behind the Captive Bars of Religion – Motivational Monday Series

Behind the Captive Bars of Religion Graphic

Behind the Captive Bars of Religion – Motivational Monday Series

What is this series about Kenny?

As you have seen on this blog lately, i have been struggling with the testimony of my faith. I am so tired of being a wishy washy flip flopper of a man. One thing, Religion have caused my mental anguish of late. Life has been a struggle to me.

Was Religion meant to be a captive place?

I don’t believe that Jesus Christ intended his faith to be a confined area. No, I think that Christianity was designed to bring liberty! James 2:12 states “So speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. ” (James 2:12 ESV) We are now under a law of freedom. When I went to a prayer meeting of some Pentecostal’s here last week they wanted me to renounce everything under the sun. Mormonism (that I understand as they are anti-Mormon), but things like how my wife and I have relations, or the love of travel, the kundalini spirit (which I never heard of) and much more.

This Christian sect wanted me to renounce playing any computer games on the laptop, playing in the role playing game clubs, even the love of travel. This blew me away because I thought Mormonism was strict with its Word of Wisdom Law of Health and the oaths and covenants that you make with God.  This makes me weep and makes me so very sad because I believe that a religious spirit which can be found in any church including my strips people of liberty and a good life.

Be Careful to have a relationship with God, not a Religion!

I’ve just looked out my window today, and I see many different things. I see people having fun. Couples walking smiling and holding hands. I see people laughing. And I think that God intended us to have a good life. God is not for fun and pleasure. Now not to allow God to be mocked, he is Holy and wants us to begin to live for him.

Religion can be something very much damaging. It is a religion that I believe has damaged my psyche here of late. It’s because of religion that I have sometimes lost joy in this life or wish I never existed.  I’m beginning to analyze this today. Having a relationship with God is what he has wanted for us all along. Jesus Christ even started when he was living that he has called us friends. We are to cry out Abba Father, which is almost likened to the word Daddy!

It’s about knowing them personally. Not about following ethical rules or sectarian commandments.

Now before you think that I’m saying we can live however we want to live, i want to come against that right now. God is holy, and he wants us to live for him. He wants us to live with him forever, and if we begin getting to know God, we know that we have to live a life of holiness even to be able to enjoy the presence of him via the Holy Ghost and to live with him forever.

But what I am trying to drive home is that salvation is not by those rules! Salvation is not in what man has received from God. We also understand that salvation is of Grace that we receive from God. Furthermore, salvation is found when we become his friends, his disciples, his companions.

End Churchianity! Embrace God!

We get so trapped in the trappings of the church that we forget what we’re here for. Our existence places us here to have a personal relationship with God. We are here to enjoy life; he has come to give us life and that more abundantly. Heavenly Father has designed life with the good, the bad and the ugly to teach us different lessons to help with out progression.

I beg of you, my brothers and sisters! People can act out a religion for many many years and come to find out that they had no relationship with God. We have to begin to look at how God has framed his relationship with us. He calls us his children. Think of how you communicate with your earthly fathers. Do you never talk to them? Sometimes we don’t. But if your relationship is ideal you talk to him; you spend time with them, you listen to their counsel and advice.

The Family is a Framework of what Heaven and our Relationship with God are like.

Look at the words that the bible uses to address us. We are called

  • The Bride of Christ
  • Children of God
  • Joint Heirs with Christ Jesus
  • Friends of Christ
  • Disciples of Christ
  • Saint
  • Believer
  • The Elect
  • And More

And when you begin to look at the various words that are used to describe us we can start to frame how Christ and Heavenly Father views us. We begin to understand exactly what sort of relationship we are to have with God. Yes, we are slaves to God bought with a price (his blood). But we are so much more to God. When Christ used parables look at some of the ones he used. Like the prodigal son, etc. The father in that story is so happy when we come back to him he kisses our necks, throws a robe around us and a ring.

In Conclusion

God is not some great overlord of the universe who does not care for us. He says to cast our cares upon him because he cares for us! (1 Peter 5:7). How do we grow in our relationship with God? Through prayer and fasting, we come close to him and grow in his love. Through scripture study, we are guided and shown which way to go.