Behind the Captive Bars of Religion – Motivational Monday Series

Behind the Captive Bars of Religion Graphic

Behind the Captive Bars of Religion – Motivational Monday Series

What is this series about Kenny?

As you have seen on this blog lately, i have been struggling with the testimony of my faith. I am so tired of being a wishy washy flip flopper of a man. One thing, Religion have caused my mental anguish of late. Life has been a struggle to me.

Was Religion meant to be a captive place?

I don’t believe that Jesus Christ intended his faith to be a confined area. No, I think that Christianity was designed to bring liberty! James 2:12 states “So speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. ” (James 2:12 ESV) We are now under a law of freedom. When I went to a prayer meeting of some Pentecostal’s here last week they wanted me to renounce everything under the sun. Mormonism (that I understand as they are anti-Mormon), but things like how my wife and I have relations, or the love of travel, the kundalini spirit (which I never heard of) and much more.

This Christian sect wanted me to renounce playing any computer games on the laptop, playing in the role playing game clubs, even the love of travel. This blew me away because I thought Mormonism was strict with its Word of Wisdom Law of Health and the oaths and covenants that you make with God.  This makes me weep and makes me so very sad because I believe that a religious spirit which can be found in any church including my strips people of liberty and a good life.

Be Careful to have a relationship with God, not a Religion!

I’ve just looked out my window today, and I see many different things. I see people having fun. Couples walking smiling and holding hands. I see people laughing. And I think that God intended us to have a good life. God is not for fun and pleasure. Now not to allow God to be mocked, he is Holy and wants us to begin to live for him.

Religion can be something very much damaging. It is a religion that I believe has damaged my psyche here of late. It’s because of religion that I have sometimes lost joy in this life or wish I never existed.  I’m beginning to analyze this today. Having a relationship with God is what he has wanted for us all along. Jesus Christ even started when he was living that he has called us friends. We are to cry out Abba Father, which is almost likened to the word Daddy!

It’s about knowing them personally. Not about following ethical rules or sectarian commandments.

Now before you think that I’m saying we can live however we want to live, i want to come against that right now. God is holy, and he wants us to live for him. He wants us to live with him forever, and if we begin getting to know God, we know that we have to live a life of holiness even to be able to enjoy the presence of him via the Holy Ghost and to live with him forever.

But what I am trying to drive home is that salvation is not by those rules! Salvation is not in what man has received from God. We also understand that salvation is of Grace that we receive from God. Furthermore, salvation is found when we become his friends, his disciples, his companions.

End Churchianity! Embrace God!

We get so trapped in the trappings of the church that we forget what we’re here for. Our existence places us here to have a personal relationship with God. We are here to enjoy life; he has come to give us life and that more abundantly. Heavenly Father has designed life with the good, the bad and the ugly to teach us different lessons to help with out progression.

I beg of you, my brothers and sisters! People can act out a religion for many many years and come to find out that they had no relationship with God. We have to begin to look at how God has framed his relationship with us. He calls us his children. Think of how you communicate with your earthly fathers. Do you never talk to them? Sometimes we don’t. But if your relationship is ideal you talk to him; you spend time with them, you listen to their counsel and advice.

The Family is a Framework of what Heaven and our Relationship with God are like.

Look at the words that the bible uses to address us. We are called

  • The Bride of Christ
  • Children of God
  • Joint Heirs with Christ Jesus
  • Friends of Christ
  • Disciples of Christ
  • Saint
  • Believer
  • The Elect
  • And More

And when you begin to look at the various words that are used to describe us we can start to frame how Christ and Heavenly Father views us. We begin to understand exactly what sort of relationship we are to have with God. Yes, we are slaves to God bought with a price (his blood). But we are so much more to God. When Christ used parables look at some of the ones he used. Like the prodigal son, etc. The father in that story is so happy when we come back to him he kisses our necks, throws a robe around us and a ring.

In Conclusion

God is not some great overlord of the universe who does not care for us. He says to cast our cares upon him because he cares for us! (1 Peter 5:7). How do we grow in our relationship with God? Through prayer and fasting, we come close to him and grow in his love. Through scripture study, we are guided and shown which way to go.

The Lesson of the Year! Motivational Monday Blog Post!

The Lesson Of The Year Graphic

The Lesson of the Year

Hard Knock Life Lesson

Last week you saw a flurry of activity on my blog here. One minute I was renouncing Mormonism and the next second I was apologizing for doing that. I first want to thank my wife for being supportive! We may not always be perfect, but we love each other! Since it is motivation Monday, I want you guys to be able to learn something from my mistakes.


Lesson #1 – Never act on emotion.

I think the biggest thing I could learn from last week is not to go off half-cocked on things. I am a very emotional person. I liken myself to Captain Moroni of the Book of Mormon. Bishop Matthews first showed me how I am like him. If we are to grow and progress one of the biggest lessons I think we can learn in mortality is to never act on emotions. If you learn how to slow down and think about things you won’t make mistakes!


Lesson #2 – See Things from Others Perspectives

Something else my friend Brandon taught me this week is how to view things in others perspectives. It’s hard when you’re in the middle of interpersonal relationship issues. You tend only to see things from your perspective. A good person is not ruled by this alone! If you take the time to see things from others, you may change how you feel. It also helps you to communicate your issues better and needs to other people.


Lesson #3 – By People’s Fruit You will know them!

Lesson Fruit Graphic
Matthew 7:18 says to examine the fruit!

I want to challenge all my readers to take the time to look at the fruit people show. People are good at saying one thing and meaning another. How many folks are in the church in their masks hiding their problems and issues? Sometimes people who you think are your friends and looking out for you are not. But if you watch a person carefully you will be able to find out their true fruits!


Lesson 4 – Never Be Ashamed To Say I’m Sorry

I offended some of my readership with what I posted last week. I am so so sorry for that. That is why this weekend I had to do the blog post above this one.


Check Out That Post by Clicking this sentence!

Humility is one of the greatest traits of God that we can exhibit. In life, we are not going to be perfect. But we are charged to be progressing and moving towards perfection. One of the key lessons is humility. There is no shame in admitting your mistakes and downfalls. Doing this will not only keep your heart and mind in check with the things of God, but it will also help you learn from your mistakes.


Lesson 5 – Leave the past there and move with forwarding progression!

Our pasts always haunt us in life. We all have made mistakes that we wish we could change. Last week’s problem and issue were because of my past coming back to haunt me. Friends who remembered me when I was the Pentecostal preacher wanting me to return to that. For a while, I began to look at my past, and Satan began to trick me.

Lesson - Looking Behind You
Looking behind you is not always good!

How was I tricked? Satan only shows you the things he knows appeals to you. Either love of the flesh, the pride of life, etc. Satan tried to make my past seem like something I should have right now. He used that to allow folks to creep into my head and try to make me feel that the path I am on would lead me to hell.


Gratitude is the best attitude!

I am grateful because I am learning some valuable lessons from the week. The main reason I wanted to write this post for Motivational Monday was simply reminded myself down the road about this week and what I learned. I also hope that this blog post blesses you as I expounded on a couple of the lessons I have learned this week.


In Conclusion


I am glad that I am back on my grind and back in the bosom of my faith. Earlier I spoke about watching people’s fruit. I think that is so important, even Christ said so. Matthew 7:18 (KJV) “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.” One of the things I heard at a fundamentalist prayer meeting was that what they were doing seemed judgemental of others.

Now on the flip side when I talked to my friend and Bishop about my feelings they did something remarkable. They LOVED me anyways even though I was leaving my faith. I feel like I have genuine friends in church. When I needed them for anything, they were immediately ready to help. And when I made mistakes they corrected me with love.

Thank you for reading this blog post! If there is anything I can do to be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to let me know. God bless you and keep you is my prayer! I dedicate this blog post to my wife and every friend who reacts in love and not in malice. We should all try to live this way! If I can be a friend to you or help you with anything, please let me know. I am walking in faith, and I’m excited about the future!

I Cant Envision a Heavenly Father of Love that Fundamentalism Teaches

My Fundamentalist Error Graphic

I Can’t Envision a Heavenly Father of Love that Fundamentalist Christianity Teaches

An Open Letter on Fundamentalist Christianity

Dear Friends,
I am writing this publically on my facebook so that folks can be clear and understand something. I am a man. I make mistakes, and as I said in a different post I feel I have the wrong parts of Captain Moroni, Peter, Paul, and others all rolled into one. My wife and I were going to resign our membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, not because of unresolved sin or anything like that, but because we wrestled with some doctrinal issues.

The Wrestling Match of the Century

It has not been an easy wrestling match. Sometimes things happen that are great and inspire us to keep on going. And sometimes things people say or have said cause us to examine the religion we follow with some very severe eyeglasses picking apart things. I deal with emotional issues from time to time. My desire is and was to serve Jesus. I thought that by membership in the church I was consigning myself to hell.

Is Heavenly Father just a mean Judge who wants us to have no joy in life?

But what I’ve seen from the “Christian” church makes me flee to the Iron Rod and walking towards the tree of life. I am not perfect. I have many faults in life. But some of the things that they believe make me want no parts of their God. I can’t envision a heavenly father who acts in that manner. My good friend who is also my religious leader in the church said something to me that has been whirling around my head.

A God who is love cannot be the same one that Fundamentalist Circles Preach On!

He, in essence, can’t envision a God who is “love” doing the things they teach. And if that were God he’d want no part of him. God chose some very exact language in the bible in how he describes his relationship to us and our relationship with him. He calls us his children. He is our Heavenly Father.

What is our Heavenly Father like?

I began to wonder why he used the term father. It is because that’s how he wants us to identify our relationship with him. We don’t necessarily like our parents all the time. And sometimes our fathers have to be disciplinarians, and that hurts. But if we have good father’s and that’s what God is, Good. Then we have to know that he loves us.

Why he likened us to his children and he our “Abba” Father!

So why did he call us his children? Because he treats us as such. God is not some mythical being in the sky who needs our worship. He is WORTHY of our worship, and we should worship him. But he does not need mindless automatons who’s job is just to worship him. He wants us to have families. He wants us to enjoy our spouses and relatives and friends. In life, he has promised that he came to give us an abundance of it. (John 10:10)

I Publically Renounce Error

On this blog I wrote an article, I titled “My Exodus From The Mormon Church.” or “From Minister to Mormon to Minister.” I am ashamed I wrote it. Consider this article my retraction speech. That’s why I wrote this here. I originally was going to write it on Facebook. Believe me; i will still share this there. But I made the error here, and so my retraction should be here.

What i Learned in a Fundamentalist Prayer Meeting!

I went to a prayer meeting tonight online in like a skype room.  The things that they wanted me to renounce during this prayer made me and my wife physically sick. I entertained the idea because as I’ve stated above, i want to follow Jesus. But this level of fundamentalism reminded me of some almost Al Qaida and ISIS type stuff.

I dont believe God takes things overboard!

Renouncing various forms of sex with my wife. Renouncing my role playing games and all of my friends I met there. Renouncing dressing up for role playing games. Renouncing various spirits which would not come out of me (mind you they were not there from get go) You cant cast out what you do not have. Wanting me to renounce spiritual experiences. I thought God wanted us to have spiritual experiences with him.

I Renounce What i had said before!

Pure insanity is what this call was all about. I renounce them! In all of my time in the Mormon church, that church has done nothing but support my family and me. They have done nothing but prayed for me. Visited me when I was sick. Support my desire to move forward in life and have that abundance of life.
In one meeting these Fundamentalist Christians have turned me completely off to their version of Christianity. Jesus Christ has called us joint heirs with him.  (Romans 8:17) And he has called us his friends. This is the picture of God that makes the most sense to me. I have taken down any website I was affiliated with that may have had on it any error.

I Ask Your Forgiveness for Momentary Lapse in Judgement

I humbly ask you, my friends, to forgive me. I was wrong. I can admit when I am wrong. And I ask for your forgiveness. I am a man. I want to exhibit the good sides of Captain Moroni, Peter, Paul, and others I have named. I want to help folks find Jesus Christ. Fundamentalism is very dangerous, and we have to be careful of it in any form.  And while were quick to bad rep Fundamentalist Mormons or Muslims, Fundamentalist Christianity doctrines can be just as dangerous. I pray you all forgive me for my error.
Kenneth Green

Sticks and Stones.. A Treastise on Bullying and Teasing

Sticks and Stones Graphic

Sticks and Stones.. A Treatise on Bullying and Teasing

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” – Childhood Rhyme

Do words really hurt like sticks and stones?

I laugh when I think about the above sticks and stones rhyme because it’s so untrue. We walk around in life thinking were the Teflon Don.  But at the end of the day what we say can affect others. Life is far too short to be wasted in negativity. It is far too quick to hurt others with what we say. I know I am not innocent in this, I say bad things to people too. But this morning some hurtful words were spoken to me more damaging than any stick that has been thrown at me.

Some Words that hurt like sticks!

This morning some people on Facebook stated that I was a Dyke and a woman trying to be a man. I know that I have an effeminate voice reminiscent of a kid. I know that I have soft features and a baby face to boot. But when I say this know I am speaking the complete truth I am a man. I have always been male,  and will always be a man. I have a health issue called growth hormone deficiency that causes me to both have younger features like a teen kid and a light voice because of the deficiency I did not develop a regular Adam’s apple.

I want to encourage you to be kind to someone today! Think about all of the people you may have hurt via your tongue. And then think about all of the people that have hurt you. When you begin to be more considerate in how you treat others that good karma (or blessings as I call them) will return to you. Many of us are born with illnesses. Many of us dont feel that we look good. Those feelings of self-hatred or inadequacy are terrible to deal with. But then when negative words and stares are thrown our way it compounds the negative self-hatred we are already feeling.
God has made us all in his image. Religion helps me feel comfort in my tribulation (Romans 5:3)

“And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience.” – Romans 5:3 (KJV)

Enduring Trials Well

We all have to endure trials in this world. Life may be easier for some than the others. We all have to endure hardships. God knows exactly what he is doing. Through the enduring of tribulations, we are now developing patience and trust in him. Tribulations develop Godly character and strength. So if you’re dealing with harsh self-hatred and feelings know that this is not how your father in heaven views you. You are so beautiful and amazing to him.

Speaking through experience!

So yes I got off on a tangent about how we feel in this world. It’s easy enough to do so as I’m speaking through experience. However back on topic of sticks, stones, and words. I hope through my passionate expressions and outreach that you can know my heart. If I can convince just one person to be considerate in how they treat others and what you say then I call this a win.

Cultural Corner: Smoke Weed Every Day!

On today’s segment about Culture, i want to talk about gentrification in the city of Denver.  I am proud to say that I was born and raised in the mile high city. When I grew up, it seemed to be half the size that it is now. Every since the Marijuana legalization took place this city has experienced a boom like the gold rush. But instead of mining for gold, people are clipping those greens.

Smoking weed?

I am not personally against Marijuana. I feel that if it helps you, Mozel Tov! Keep living! But what I do hate is living with this population growth that weed has sparked. Housing has reached all new astronomical levels in price and a sheer number of developments. Changes can be seen from the grocery store to schools. I love that Denver is growing and don’t get me wrong I’m not against that. However, i would like to see the city slow down its growth rate.

Has the Green Industry helped Denver?

The Green industry has brought jobs, that is true.
But even the jobs that weed has brought are not available to the poor because of criminal records etc. The dope boy on the corner made some mistakes and tried to work and ends up with criminal records. Then are shut out of the city for what they did. Marijuana has made Denver grow way faster than it should have. I hope that it slows down a bit to allow the citizenry to help shape the changes in our neighborhoods. It is so sad that whole communities are shutting people out who formerly lived there. I hope that we can make these positive changes.

Thank you for your time!

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read our web page. We’re hoping to make some huge strides in the coming days. I thank you for all you do, and if you reside in Denver why don’t you let me know your thoughts about the fast growing industry of Marijuana in the mile high city!

What would you like me to report on in the coming days? I want to start a series on a hard hitting topic, but I am low on ideas. I thought a series on polyamory and the religious context would be interesting, yes polyamory not polygamy.

Reflection’s from this week – Going deeper in the word.

Deeper Into the Word of God!

Going Deeper in the Word

This week’s study in the Word.

This week has been very interesting for me. It seems I am a yo-yo sometimes. Being a believer in Yeshua means that you have a desire to study the word of God. When I say the word let me be exact and definite, I mean the Bible. My favorite version is the Amplified Bible, studying with Logos Christian Software helps me in conjunction with the Amplified Bible to go deeper in my bible studies. I have been in the book of John lately especially the sixth chapter. A friend of mine who is not a Mormon suggested I read that chapter to ascertain the nature of God. And so I pulled out my tablet, and I began to dig.

Going deeper in the word than face value!

The things that I began to find via the Logos software allows me to understand the Greek that was being used in the New Testament. This is called Exegeting the word of God. I find this practice completely absent in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They exhort you to read the scriptures daily, and I know there are some scholars in the church that are contrary to the rule. But the average every day Mormon will only read the scriptures at face value, and even then they state that the Book of Mormon is the most correct book on earth which I find to be funny. The Bible which covers thousands of years of confirmed history is said to be full of fallacies. I am beginning to take real offense at that notion.
Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart,1 for I am called by your name, O Lord, God of hosts. Jeremiah 15:16

Being Backslidden

The Church has become my life in essence. Most of my friends are members of this church. The activities that my wife and I go to are from the church. And the Lord has been dealing with me over the past two years about coming out of this. Two years ago when I had died, the Lord began to deal with me. I think the main reason I was allowed to come back to this earth after my death was because I was not ready for the judgment bar of Christ and God is so merciful. Woe to me, I feel so backslidden.

The work that Christ Jesus has begun in me; he is faithful and just to complete. When I began to look at the judgment standards for a prophet of God, the Lord began to deal with me in a mighty mighty way. Joseph Smith Jr. by biblical accounts is not a prophet. If any of a prophet’s words were not fulfilled, they used to stone them in the old testament. Joseph got shots from the gun instead.

Going off of feelings rather than the word…

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint’s want you to believe something is fact via feelings in your bosom. This is a dangerous tactic that because we toss to the wind one of the most beautiful things’s that God has given us, our minds. The New Testament talks about these other gospels preached by angels. (Galatians 1:8) Makes me wonder why the Lord saw fit to include that in the Bible. Then we hear about all of these offshoots from apostolic creed Christianity that has been preached by angels. Makes me laugh when I think about this.

I know I am running on about this, but it’s because I want to begin to explain my feelings via a biblical argument. The Lord has given us his word, which is his bible. The apostles did not try to alter the religion of the Savior. It is dangerous when modern day prophets get “revelation” that is contrary to the Apostolic Creed.

I’m coming out!

Mormonism has great apologetics people who explain away their gospel. But all of the things they believe that are contrary to the Bible either originate from the Book of Mormon which was created via the use of divination tools supposedly called the Urim and Thummin, but in essence, it was Joseph tossing rocks in a hat that formed words. The Temple Ceremony almost copies word for word parts of Masonic rites. The Book of Mormon plagiarizes the Bible in several places almost word for word. Satan is very tricky and deceitful. He is a master of hiding the bad things amongst truth and twisting words.

The Temple Ceremony almost copies word for word parts of Masonic rites. The Book of Mormon plagiarizes the Bible in several places almost word for word. Satan is very tricky and deceitful. He is a master of hiding the bad things amongst truth and twisting words.

In Conclusion

I entreat you to do the research for yourself. Don’t merely just read the words of the bible but dig deep into them. God bless you and keep you! I don’t say these things to hurt any member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but merely to educate and to hopefully cause a seed to be planted that will grow into deliverance from falsehoods and liberty in Christ Jesus!  – Kenny

A Blast from the Past Blog Post!

Why is it hard to picture ourselves as Children of Divinity?

Children of Divinity Image

Why is it hard to picture ourselves as children of divinity?

Are we children of divinity?

One of the simplest truths that I love my church teaches that is that were all literal children of God. We as humans short ourselves so much; we think we could not possibly be children of divinity. This has been a concept that has been challenging to me as I reflect on the doctrines of salvation. In the religious belief system, we are the literal children of divinity made with a purpose. And if we keep our covenants and do all that we are supposed to do then we can inherit all that he has including the ability to progress and evolve forever.

The Human condition hinders our vision of divinity!

Frailty is the destroyer of potential. When we live our life, we are in a human state. We do not have any characteristics of deity native in us from birth. But we can be born with afflictions because of our human frailties. And it’s because of those that we lose sight of our potential. That is the saddest thing to me is losing sight of what the result of our lives is to become. We find divine power when we trust in the message of Jesus Christ. Faith in him, the divine one activates divinity in us. When we have confidence in his grace and atonement, and we apply that to our lives God has said that there is nothing that we can’t ask for that he won’t give. That does not necessarily mean we will get it in this life, but we will get it!

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” – Luke 11:9

Divinity as an expression of love!

To me, this is where divinity comes from. One of my favorite hymns of all time is “I Stand All Amazed.” To me, i do stand amazed because God is love. And I don’t get where people think of this lofty God that is not involved in our lives or wants a bunch of minions just to do what he says and be in servitude forever. Mind you I don’t mind being his servant forever because I am a dirty rag and am no good, and its only because of his love and grace that I have a chance to be with him. But am i deserving of that honor? No, i am not deserving of the privilege. And when i think about things in that light i am amazed

“I Stand All Amazed at the Love Jesus Offers Me.” – I Stand All Amazed Hymn

God is the epitome of love. He is Love. And because of who he is I am so grateful that he does not act like the grand poobah Overlord from space that wants me to be his drone forever. But he wants us all to become like him. I respect my protestant brothers beliefs. But i am starting to fall in love with the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Updates on my life!

I am sorry that I have not written much over the past month. To be honest I have had to deal with illness plaguing my household. Also, I told you that I had surgery on both feet, and as of late I have been diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma. So I took a short sabbatical from blogging. But I want to thank my awesome readers who are still rocking with me. I love you all. I hope that I can inspire you to esteem yourself better than you are now. Now pride goeth before a fall, I don’t want folks to get prideful because they are children of divinity. For pride is what caused Lucifer to fall and become Satan. But i want to encourage you to begin exercising your faith!

Focus and the Knowledge that Everyone Cannot Follow You to Your Destiny

Everyone Cannot Follow You to your Destiny!

Focus and the Knowledge that Everyone Cannot Follow You to Your Destiny

Is destiny an interesting thing?

What is destiny? As I sit back and think about the direction of my life, I have to begin to focus on what I think I’m on this earth to accomplish. Finding the will of God is so challenging to accomplish. I find myself at an interesting point in my life. This year has been very tough for my family. I think learning humility has been the most difficult thing for me. People have done things to me that would qualify them for banishment from my life over the past few weeks, and each time I’ve had to forgive those individuals.

Focusing on my Destiny

I have to focus on what I believe God wants me to do in life. Personally, I have had my pans in way too many fires and I think that God has wanted me to focus directly on my future. Additionally, I believe that God want’s me to concentrate on the businesses I’m trying to build right now, and so you will see even fewer posts on my genealogy blog. The decision is still being made, I may be phasing myself out of the Genealogy realm except for my volunteer work I’m going to do with my non-profit; I just may not blog in the genealogy sphere.

Not Everyone Can Come To Your Destiny

There was a song I listened to today by 21:03 called Everybody Can’t Go. This song ministered to me hardcore.


Focusing on my destiny is imperative right now.

I have been presented with a plethora of blog and business opportunities here as of late. Now I now need to focus on what the Lord has for me. In essence, I believe that he will use my story to magnify his name. Furthermore, I believe God has plans for me to amaze the world at large. There’s a verse in the Book of Mormon that I love.

Alma 37:6 –  “Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.”

I believe the Lord has a plan for my life and I am excited to know that all of the things that I have waited for in my life are getting ready to come to pass. I want to thank my wife again for being that ride or die chick that amazingly honors and backs her man. Without her, i don’t think I want to do any of what I’m doing. I know that when I accomplish what I see coming that we will be in a better position.

Future directional Changes in my life.

I am blocking and taking negative Nancies out of my life. For me to accomplish what I know is before me i only need the real folks in my life. I am going to focus on associating with those that want to be my family and not focusing on some of my family that hurt me to this very day.

Also, I am going to go back to listening to Tony Robbins and other inspirational teachers EACH DAY to start my day off right. Personally, I will make prayer and scripture study an important thing daily. Lastly, I am going to start chronicalizing my Universe list and also keeping track of my health better.

In Conclusion

Destiny is something God has for each of us. How do I know this?  This scripture that is found in your Bible.

Jeremiah 29:11  “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

God has a destiny for you. He has ideas that he thinks towards each and every one of us. These are thoughts to give us an expected end, otherwise known as a Destiny. What is God speaking to you about your future and destiny?

30 Day Vlog Challenge – Day One – Why am i doing this?

Love Me 30 Day Challenge
I am embarking on the Love me challenge! Follow the Journey!

Genie In a Bottle Christianity | Just a Random Blog

God is Not a Genie Blog Picture

Genie In a Bottle Christianity

Random Blog Post by Kenneth Green

As I think about my life this past year all of the up’s and downs of life, the trials and adversity. I reflect on how I think about God right now. I’ve had plenty of shouting matches at God. Asking my father in heaven “Why did you allow this?” I’ve also been guilty of “I don’t want to believe in you because you don’t want to help me.” Famously the one I think of the most is the “Where are you!!!!” Trust me I’m writing this blog post as much as a reminder to myself in the future (hello numskull!) as I am hoping that it will help you.

Storms and The Sunshine!

Today I have been having some more issues. The day started with great news, the cast came off, and now I just have to wear two boots 24/7, and even though I’ve had to deal with that (which is better than a cast) it is surprising news! Then I had a bad argument with a friend who faked like he wanted to do something, then I fronted the cash for him to do that thing only to find out that he doesn’t really want to do it. Friends always come with the real talk when you’re dealing with others, please! It could save strain on friendships.

Why do we expect divinity to be like the fairy godmother or genie?

So from that point of having a shouting match with a friend I did what I usually do best when depressed, sleep.  I woke up when I remembered a friend wanted me to fix a networking problem and words she stated to me always rang through that I could use her printer. So I went up to her house and fixed her printer and networking issues and in turn not only did she let me print off my character sheets for this convention which is a lot of printing (like 45 sheets of paper) and we talked about what’s been going on in my life.

He is not a genie!

This friend saw me in my need. She is loaning me a wheelchair for the weekend, so I don’t have to stand around for the convention which is awesome! This friend of mine is also providing me a ride to the conference hotel which is in the boonies. Even though I wanted to check in today to the con and hang at the hotel with friends from the club, i did not see God at work by the delay of not getting to go today I got my sheets done, got a wheelchair for the convention which will make things WAY better and I got the ride.

God works through people!

Picture of my leg with staples!
I got stapes in my leg still which looks weird but its alright!

I am so grateful for the friends I have in my life. First I want to thank my business partner Brandon Murphy without whom this weekend would not even be possible. I want to thank my wife for caring for me even though she had a pretty bad day herself. I want to thank Mike Torrey my friend in the club who volunteered to give me a ride even though he’s running security for the con. And last but not least I want to thank Sanddy, my friend who is giving me a ride to the hotel tomorrow with the loaner chair she loaned me so I can have an easier time at the convention.

The Conclusion

Sometimes we get mad at God because we expect life to go a certain way. I feel we also get upset at God because we compare our lives to others and get upset because we consider God should have done something different for us. God is not a GENIE! He is more like a fairy godmother who wants to help us!

Right View Points

But our lives are affected more by decisions we make! It’s also affected by the choices that we make and that others make. And if you can’t find the fault, chalk it to a fallen world.  said it. Coming off real as I can be. Sometimes things just are not meant to go our way because the world is not right. It’s not God’s fault. He will come to our aid and help us faster than we can count. And I know for certain he cares for us. But we have to frame our relationship in the best viewpoint! If we do that we will have a better life and better relationship with him!

My Last Post! In Memory of John!


In Honor of John Wilson | Motivational Monday Blog Post

A Graphic in honor of John Wilson

In Honor of John Wilson | Motivational Monday Blog Post

In Memory of you John!

I was going to write a motivational Monday blog post about my past week. It has been heck in a hand basket. I have dealt with so much, and i’m sorry that last week I did not grace you with a motivational Monday blog post. I was in the hospital last Monday having a surgical procedure done on both feet. I just thought I was going to write about overcoming the odds. And then I found out that a fellow marketer, John Wilson had passed away.

Following His Dream

I had the honor of hosting this man in my home one day. John Wilson was a marketer that was a part of a company me, him and Tyson Curtis were with. This company was called Empower Network; it was the first place I ever blogged. I think I discovered my love for writing at that company. This man came and stayed on my couch for a convention EN had down the street.

John believed in his dream. He had an idea of the life he wanted to go after. John wanted to live in the Philippines with his beautiful wife. He wanted to build a networking empire and was dedicated to it. He spent money and slept on a couch to follow that dream. As I think of his memory this day, i figured I could do him one favor and write about him.

Following my Dream

Today I want to talk about your why. I want to explore that reason you’re getting up to go to work. I’m thinking of why I am even writing this blog post. I mean when someone has two broken feet, or I should say feet in two casts most would take the opportunity to do nothing.

But this is my dream! Writing to all of you! I am going to use this time off my feet to finish my book and come back hard! I am going to take this time to learn about social media and bringing my brand to the masses. This time off my feet is not a curse but a blessing. I think that’s how we have to start looking at things in life.

Blessings Not Curses

In memory of John Wilson - Me and my Double Casts
Me and my double casts!


I think of John, and this man who was High Priest age (my Mormon fan’s know what I mean) who probably could have chillaxed on his dreams had a vision and focused in his mind. If I learned one thing is to pursue my dreams like he did. Look at your life and the opportunities before you. Many bad things can happen to us in life. And we can look at this stuff and hate our lives. I think many people resent their lives and hate their existence.

Things are not a setback. They are a setup!

I look at my current situation and am so happy. The way you look at life is important, I don’t look at my life as a bad thing. I look at my life, and I know that things are not a setback, but things are a setup! I believe that is the secret to life! Thank you guys, and thank’s for all of the support! Let;s have John’s mindset and chase after our dreams no matter what life throws at us! if you believe that you can achieve and overcome you can do it! Thank you so much for reading this blog today! John this is in memory of you!

My Last Motivational Monday Post!

Surprise my friends! The Simply Kenneth Brand is back with a new edition of Friday Fun Day!

Friday Fun Day Blog Graphic

Welcome Back! We are rebooting the Simply Kenneth Friday Fun Day!

Friday Fun Day?

Friday Fun Day was one of my original blogging prompts. And I canceled it because of my dedication to the Genealogy Gangster brand.  So I stopped doing it and just focused on motivational writing on this website. And while I did that and I think that it was alright, I have noticed that this brand just seemed to be missing something.

What do you talk about on Friday Fun Day?

Anything I please really. I review music, food, resteraunts. I also like to talk about things in the local and national media and use this as my pulpit if you will to talk about whatever i feel like it. So today i will be sharing one of my vlog posts for the Kenvincible Show (yes i’m back on my youtube grind as well) and also be talking about music that i’m bumping right now. I want to review a song that is one of my favorites right now. My wife is probably sick of me listening to it but i dont care haha!

I also plan on talking a little bit about the craziness in the world right now. So let’s get it in!

The Review of Holiday by James the Mormon featuring Taylor Bennett

I’ve been waiting for a little bit for JTM to drop some new fire. James the Mormon by far is my favorite rapper on the planet though he will tell you he does not call himself a rapper. His flow is melodic and very easy to listen to. Some of my favorite songs of all time are made by him including “Workin” featuring David Archuleta, and my all time favorite Motivation which I think is just AWESOME!

I would not be a good Ward Mission Leader if i did not comment on the original song that got me hooked which was Restoration. But enough about his past music, i want to talk a little bit about the man. I had the distinct honor of meeting him in Salt Lake last year at a Genesis Group right after last year’s Root’s Tech. His testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is so inspiring to me. I am so fortunate to be able to have met him in the flesh. And he is so down to earth, he even shook hands with me and Eddy and talked a bit afterwards. So on to the review.

The Heart of the Review

Song Overall Rating: **** (Four and a Half Stars out of a total of five)

Favorite Things About the Song:  The overall motivational message of the song. I love the line about working. About redesigning things if stuff is not working. I especially love this because as a creator of online content sometimes things don’t work and you can get discouraged. But this song just adds motivational fuel to the fire and is one of those pick you up songs!

Least Favorite Things: I have, to be honest and I don’t want to sound like a JTM groupie but the raspy voice of Taylor Bennett kinda threw me off and was harder to follow his words in the rhyme than James’s words. Needless to say, i think the two went together well, if I could follow Taylor’s voice a bit more I can give this a full five stars which are RARE on this blog!

The Craziness in the World

We need to take courage saints and press into the savior. Lately, the enemy of my soul has been super deceptive and deceitful in regards to some areas of my life. Satan is so tricky and he is catching tons of folks off guard. He has had me wanting to give up on my very faith in the savior which is something I EVER thought could happen. However, as I look at the world I see how bad we need Jesus Christ right now.

This fire song by my buddy Yahosh Bonner and Kirt Banks really speaks to my soul right now. It’s a cover of the Music Soulchild song called “Lord/Love” and this song just makes me think about how much I need Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Life is tough right now. In this world we got craziness happening all over the world. I cant believe that we got people killing people and raping people on Facebook Live. We got football players turned Super Thugs who kill themselves when they get hit with that Super thug time.

Jesus Christ is all we need in the world today!

Jesus Christ is all I need right now in my life. I need my wife and I need my church. But at the end of the day, Jesus Christ is my primary need. Lord I apologize before the world if I EVER doubted you. I apologize for the deceptive snares of the enemy that I have fallen for before. God said we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb (check he did that) and the words of our testimony (I’m doing that!)

Stay close to the Lord during these trying times. Darkness will not last forever! God bless and keep you! – Kenny