Behind the Captive Bars of Religion – Motivational Monday Series

What is this series about Kenny?

As you have seen on this blog lately, i have been struggling with the testimony of my faith. I am so tired of being a wishy washy flip flopper of a man. One thing, Religion have caused my mental anguish of late. Life has been a struggle to me.

Was Religion meant to be a captive place?

I don’t believe that Jesus Christ intended his faith to be a confined area. No, I think that Christianity was designed to bring liberty! James 2:12 states “So speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty. ” (James 2:12 ESV) We are now under a law of freedom. When I went to a prayer meeting of some Pentecostal’s here last week they wanted me to renounce everything under the sun. Mormonism (that I understand as they are anti-Mormon), but things like how my wife and I have relations, or the love of travel, the kundalini spirit (which I never heard of) and much more.

This Christian sect wanted me to renounce playing any computer games on the laptop, playing in the role playing game clubs, even the love of travel. This blew me away because I thought Mormonism was strict with its Word of Wisdom Law of Health and the oaths and covenants that you make with God.  This makes me weep and makes me so very sad because I believe that a religious spirit which can be found in any church including my strips people of liberty and a good life.

Be Careful to have a relationship with God, not a Religion!

I’ve just looked out my window today, and I see many different things. I see people having fun. Couples walking smiling and holding hands. I see people laughing. And I think that God intended us to have a good life. God is not for fun and pleasure. Now not to allow God to be mocked, he is Holy and wants us to begin to live for him.

Religion can be something very much damaging. It is a religion that I believe has damaged my psyche here of late. It’s because of religion that I have sometimes lost joy in this life or wish I never existed.  I’m beginning to analyze this today. Having a relationship with God is what he has wanted for us all along. Jesus Christ even started when he was living that he has called us friends. We are to cry out Abba Father, which is almost likened to the word Daddy!

It’s about knowing them personally. Not about following ethical rules or sectarian commandments.

Now before you think that I’m saying we can live however we want to live, i want to come against that right now. God is holy, and he wants us to live for him. He wants us to live with him forever, and if we begin getting to know God, we know that we have to live a life of holiness even to be able to enjoy the presence of him via the Holy Ghost and to live with him forever.

But what I am trying to drive home is that salvation is not by those rules! Salvation is not in what man has received from God. We also understand that salvation is of Grace that we receive from God. Furthermore, salvation is found when we become his friends, his disciples, his companions.

End Churchianity! Embrace God!

We get so trapped in the trappings of the church that we forget what we’re here for. Our existence places us here to have a personal relationship with God. We are here to enjoy life; he has come to give us life and that more abundantly. Heavenly Father has designed life with the good, the bad and the ugly to teach us different lessons to help with out progression.

I beg of you, my brothers and sisters! People can act out a religion for many many years and come to find out that they had no relationship with God. We have to begin to look at how God has framed his relationship with us. He calls us his children. Think of how you communicate with your earthly fathers. Do you never talk to them? Sometimes we don’t. But if your relationship is ideal you talk to him; you spend time with them, you listen to their counsel and advice.

The Family is a Framework of what Heaven and our Relationship with God are like.

Look at the words that the bible uses to address us. We are called

  • The Bride of Christ
  • Children of God
  • Joint Heirs with Christ Jesus
  • Friends of Christ
  • Disciples of Christ
  • Saint
  • Believer
  • The Elect
  • And More

And when you begin to look at the various words that are used to describe us we can start to frame how Christ and Heavenly Father views us. We begin to understand exactly what sort of relationship we are to have with God. Yes, we are slaves to God bought with a price (his blood). But we are so much more to God. When Christ used parables look at some of the ones he used. Like the prodigal son, etc. The father in that story is so happy when we come back to him he kisses our necks, throws a robe around us and a ring.

In Conclusion

God is not some great overlord of the universe who does not care for us. He says to cast our cares upon him because he cares for us! (1 Peter 5:7). How do we grow in our relationship with God? Through prayer and fasting, we come close to him and grow in his love. Through scripture study, we are guided and shown which way to go.

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