Sticks and Stones.. A Treatise on Bullying and Teasing

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” – Childhood Rhyme

Do words really hurt like sticks and stones?

I laugh when I think about the above sticks and stones rhyme because it’s so untrue. We walk around in life thinking were the Teflon Don.  But at the end of the day what we say can affect others. Life is far too short to be wasted in negativity. It is far too quick to hurt others with what we say. I know I am not innocent in this, I say bad things to people too. But this morning some hurtful words were spoken to me more damaging than any stick that has been thrown at me.

Some Words that hurt like sticks!

This morning some people on Facebook stated that I was a Dyke and a woman trying to be a man. I know that I have an effeminate voice reminiscent of a kid. I know that I have soft features and a baby face to boot. But when I say this know I am speaking the complete truth I am a man. I have always been male,  and will always be a man. I have a health issue called growth hormone deficiency that causes me to both have younger features like a teen kid and a light voice because of the deficiency I did not develop a regular Adam’s apple.

I want to encourage you to be kind to someone today! Think about all of the people you may have hurt via your tongue. And then think about all of the people that have hurt you. When you begin to be more considerate in how you treat others that good karma (or blessings as I call them) will return to you. Many of us are born with illnesses. Many of us dont feel that we look good. Those feelings of self-hatred or inadequacy are terrible to deal with. But then when negative words and stares are thrown our way it compounds the negative self-hatred we are already feeling.
God has made us all in his image. Religion helps me feel comfort in my tribulation (Romans 5:3)

“And not only so, but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience.” – Romans 5:3 (KJV)

Enduring Trials Well

We all have to endure trials in this world. Life may be easier for some than the others. We all have to endure hardships. God knows exactly what he is doing. Through the enduring of tribulations, we are now developing patience and trust in him. Tribulations develop Godly character and strength. So if you’re dealing with harsh self-hatred and feelings know that this is not how your father in heaven views you. You are so beautiful and amazing to him.

Speaking through experience!

So yes I got off on a tangent about how we feel in this world. It’s easy enough to do so as I’m speaking through experience. However back on topic of sticks, stones, and words. I hope through my passionate expressions and outreach that you can know my heart. If I can convince just one person to be considerate in how they treat others and what you say then I call this a win.

Cultural Corner: Smoke Weed Every Day!

On today’s segment about Culture, i want to talk about gentrification in the city of Denver.  I am proud to say that I was born and raised in the mile high city. When I grew up, it seemed to be half the size that it is now. Every since the Marijuana legalization took place this city has experienced a boom like the gold rush. But instead of mining for gold, people are clipping those greens.

Smoking weed?

I am not personally against Marijuana. I feel that if it helps you, Mozel Tov! Keep living! But what I do hate is living with this population growth that weed has sparked. Housing has reached all new astronomical levels in price and a sheer number of developments. Changes can be seen from the grocery store to schools. I love that Denver is growing and don’t get me wrong I’m not against that. However, i would like to see the city slow down its growth rate.

Has the Green Industry helped Denver?

The Green industry has brought jobs, that is true.
But even the jobs that weed has brought are not available to the poor because of criminal records etc. The dope boy on the corner made some mistakes and tried to work and ends up with criminal records. Then are shut out of the city for what they did. Marijuana has made Denver grow way faster than it should have. I hope that it slows down a bit to allow the citizenry to help shape the changes in our neighborhoods. It is so sad that whole communities are shutting people out who formerly lived there. I hope that we can make these positive changes.

Thank you for your time!

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read our web page. We’re hoping to make some huge strides in the coming days. I thank you for all you do, and if you reside in Denver why don’t you let me know your thoughts about the fast growing industry of Marijuana in the mile high city!

What would you like me to report on in the coming days? I want to start a series on a hard hitting topic, but I am low on ideas. I thought a series on polyamory and the religious context would be interesting, yes polyamory not polygamy.

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