About Simply Kenneth


This web page comes from a place of pain. My last blog project got hacked yesterday. As I sat in meditation and prayer to God over the next move, something came to mind. The name simply Kenneth was born from the still small voice that comes from God. He told me that both my good days and my bad days make who I am. The duality of the nature of man speaks to the glory of God.

On this blog, you’re going to get the real Kenneth. Uncut and unfiltered. Because I have dedicated my life to giving God glory and praise, I chose the domain name dot faith to speak volumes of what you might expect to hear. God is real, and he lives. I know because I feel him in my heart and even though some dastardly deed might have killed online positivity dot com it has only given birth to something new.

On this blog, you can expect two blog posts minimum per week. As I feel inspired and directed by God or life, you may receive other posts. The first post will be done on Mondays and be called motivational Monday. I will share things that God put on my mind and things that I learned from others. You can expect a wide variety of things to be discussed on that day.

On Wednesday I will call that day Whatever Wednesday. I feel that I want to do this so that it gives me freedom to write whatever I want. The simply Kenneth show will air on YouTube twice a month. On the first and last Wednesday. That show will be about my life, God, interviews with interesting persons, and more. Finally, I wish to talk about my podcast. It will come out once a month on the last Monday of the month. This will be a blog talk radio show where I hope to interview interesting persons call in style.

This is only the beginning for Kenny G. Whatever the adversary thought he was doing when he took from me my main two blogs only make me laugh. My God is greater. His son redeems me. I do what I do in life to his glory. That being the glory of his son. I ask the Lord to come forward, and I be in the background. At the end of the day, I do what I can do only through the grace of Yeshua.

So, welcome to simply Kenneth Dot Faith! Do come in!!

Dedicatory Prayer

Dedicatory Prayer For This Site


May this site give you honor and glory. I pray for your protection over the servers, email servers and other technological things that cause this website to run. I offer this site to you as I offer my life. I pray that you find my offering acceptable in thy sight. Oh Lord my strength and my redeemer.

I pray that all who come to this website receive the richness of a relationship with you. I am honored just to be thy son. I am honored that you would die for me. Help people to know that you have died for them as well. I pray that you will cause them to see you through me. Even through my bad posts and the good. May they see that I am nothing but a broken vessel. Someone who is just trying to tell the world who you are.

I ask for thy favor and abundance for this website. I pray for ideas. I pray for connections to persons you would have me interview. I pray for all those who will support this effort. I pray you will bless all those who come here. Let the peace of God which surpasses all understanding rule and abide in the hearts of those who read these words.

I ask these blessed things in the only name with power under heaven. In the name of the risen savior of the world. Jesus Christ, Yeshua Ha-Mashiach, Adonai, Jehovah, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Prince of PEACE, THE only TRUE and LIVING GOD! The Great I AM!




Who is Kenneth?

As I sit back and ponder the question of who is Kenneth Green? I think back to the circumstances of my birth. My mother is developmentally disabled. And the doctors conned her into thinking that an abortion even at a late stage would be preferable to me coming forth. My great aunt Eva saved my life when she burst into the room and stopped the doctors from murdering me.


I was never supposed to graduate high school. I graduated with honors even though I had to go through much adversity to do so. I have college degrees, and even right now I hold a Dr. of Divinity from Abundant Life Theological Seminary. I am the story of someone was beaten every odd that has come against him. The key to all of this though is that I did not do this myself. If it had not been for the Lord on my side, I don’t know where I would be.


I am a very complex person. I never claimed, nor will I claim to know it all. I suffer from a host of physical, emotional, and mental disabilities. On this website, you will get to see all of my many sides. I am a man anointed and blessed with abundant gifts. I love cooking and have received professional training for it. I love music, and one of my hobbies is simply Deejay for parties. I love to travel, and you will get to see many of my adventures.

I am husband to the greatest wife in the world. Rachel is part of why I keep going. At one of my darkest places in life the Lord brought her into my life. There is no better helpmate in the world. She is a Proverbs 31 woman, and I am the luckiest guy in the world to have her. You will get to watch some of the moments I get to share with the love my life. You will get a glimpse into my world.

I love genealogy, reading books, watching movies and going out to eat. You will get to hear tips, read reviews and get advice on food, art, and culture. I’m a very complex person, and I am not perfect. But what I vow to do is keep it real all day every day it’s simply Kenneth!


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